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dbs-uk.co.uk: DBS Telecoms - Chess

Description: DBS Chess offers a wide variety of telecoms products and services to its customers. Established over 20 years. Investors in People company.

teatroboston.com: Teatro Restaurant | A CHG Restaurant


newinhomes.com: NewInHomes | New Condos & New Home Developments in Ontario - Register Online for Priority Preview

Description: Find new homes & new condos for sale in Ontario. Search new home builders, compare new developments listing floor plans, photos, videos. Register online for priority preview.

muselive.com: Muselive

Description: A website about Muse

aplusstocks.com: A+ Stocks: high return stocks | 50 stocks on the rise

Description: A+ Stocks picks high return stocks - usually 50 stocks on the rise, yielding around 30% annual returns for the past 11 years. Stock picks are updated daily. Stock market indicators for 20 countries are updated weekly.

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5 SEO Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

1. Smartphones aren’t going anywhere

People are getting online on mobiles rather than from their desktops. Even a site like Google is penalizing domains for not being mobile friendly.

2. User’s Experience needs to be your Priority

Confused users often ditch using a domain (website). The best thing to do is to have an easy User Interface (UX) that is simple to use and navigate through. It should also be compatible with all sorts of devices and their screen size and resolution. It should be designed for people and not just for Google’s understanding.

3. You need to familiarize yourself with A.M.P

If you haven’t heard about AMP then you should definitely check it out. It is an open source application allowing the instant access to an original content made for the mobile platform. It saves the time of building multiple sites.

4. Local Search should never be ignored

Local search should be made available at a time when users are more oriented in their smartphones. It helps them seeing the business in the local search to find it in an easy way. A business can have fewer customers if they aren’t in the local search.

5. Quality is the Priority

Content creation is a crucial step in having a higher rating from a search engine. A bad quality content and duplicate contents are often the reason why search engine devalue some sites. So, keep an eye on creating quality contents.

5 SEO trends